Well the day started out with problems with our black water tank. When we went to pump it out the marina at Fairhope was unable to get the boat pumped out. Well there was some question about how well their pump worked so we just figured we would pump it out at Dog River Marina. Dog River is on the other side of Mobile Bay  and has a great deal on boat storage for the Loopers over the Holidays. We made our way over through a narrow entrance and went to the dock. We were not able to pump out here or across the river at another marina. One of the guys at the dock suggested that the marina at Lu Lu’s had a better pump. Unfortunately Lu Lu’s was about 50 miles east of Dog River. Since we were planning to leave the boat for about 6 weeks we did not want to leave it with the holding tank ½ full. Next stop Lu Lu’s. Thankfully it was a nice day and we were able to get to Lu Lu’s about 3:30. Turns out the problem with the holding tanks wasn’t the pumps at the marinas it was something in the “pipes” on JacketsII. The guys on the dock suggested running a hose down the “pipes” to try and back flush the clog, success we are unclogged and pumped out.


The floating docks are Lu Lu’s are really nice. So we negotiated a monthly rate while we return to Jacksonville. Before we left we got to enjoy dinner at the bar with live music. Even got to help write a hit song, well maybe. We highly recommend a stop at Lu Lu’s